Week 1 Day 4

So are you feeling refreshed?  Today’s workout will be the same as Monday’s.  Unless you feel like SuperWomen, just stick to one round of the circuits again today.  Next week we will try to go for two, but we want to build up gradually.  It is like our Fearless Leader, Rox, always says, “Just 10 Minutes!”  Doing any number of reps is better than none!

Here is a Fitbie article of what you can do in 15 minutes a day to lengthen your life:)


Make it GREAT!

One Reply to “Week 1 Day 4”

  1. TOO FUNNY! I didnt run this morning, so I got up and JUMPED ROPE for 15 minutes, thinking about Rox saying “just 10 minutes!” 🙂
    …and then I come in and read the Fitbie article. HA! 🙂
    THANK YOU, Brenda !!


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