WEEK 2!!!!!!

Howdy All!

I hope you all made it through Week One with flying colors:)  Each day you exercise is one more step on your journey to a sustainable, active and healthy lifestyle.  Now….why do I keep adding that “sustainable” word in there???  Because if it is too hard in the beginning, you will burn out too fast, not stick with it, and ultimately end up right back where you started!

That said, it is WEEK 2.  What does that mean to you?  I am sure it will be different for everyone.  The plan is written to go to 2 sets of each circuit.  Do you HAVE to do that???  NO!  If you are not ready to go quite that far with it, maybe try doing 2 sets of each circuit, but lower the reps down to 8-10.  Just try to do a little more this week than you did last week:)  GENTLE PROGRESSION is the KEY to a successful workout routine!  I may lift like a body builder now, but in the beginning, I used half-full 16.9oz water bottles for weights, and my cardio was walking down my street and back(about 2 blocks each way).

But, I will say that you will progress way faster than you think, as long as you keep the “This is for ME!  I NEED this!  AND I AM WORTH IT!” attitude.  And if you find that attitude waivering???  I am here or reach out to others that are on here or on the BLC threads and I KNOW they will tell you different:)  You CAN do this!  WE CAN DO THIS!  TOGETHER:)

So, if you feel alone or overwhelmed, REACH OUT!  I know asking for help is HARD!  TRUST ME…I GET that one!  But you are here!  AWESOME first step!  Now let’s get MOVING:)

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