Warm-ups and cool-downs

Before you start your workout, you should always warm up!  I follow the line of thinking that stretching comes at the end of a workout, NOT the beginning.  So…

To warm-up, either do 5-10 mins of light cardio, or some dynamic stretching.  Dynamic stretching is a form of active stretching.  It increases range of movement, blood and oxygen flow to soft tissues prior to exertion. Increasingly coaches and sports trainers are aware of the role in dynamic stretching in improving performance and reducing the risk of injury.  For example, runners might do several goofy walks.  High knees.  Long straight legs.  Walking lunges.  Even backwards walk.  These warm up the hip flexors and knees which are both going to get a hard workout when running.

Before a strength training workout, I do arm windmills and cross-overs for my chest and arms.  Torso twists for my core.  And quick, shallow squats and marching in place for legs.  OR… for those of you who really know me, know that I actually dance around my garage to Ke$ha, Lady GaGa, or Katy Perry most of the time:)  LOL!  Just anything that will get your muscles warm and pliable BEFORE you start lifting.

Also, a VERY good one for those of you with bad knees…VERY old school, but KNEE CIRCLES! http://youtu.be/DDuzDzqhEzI  Seriously!  Looks goofy, but it warms the joint.  Do about 10 slowly in each direction.  Your knees will thank you:)

AND COOL DOWNS!  If I am doing cardio, I will simply slow it down for a good 5 mins or so to cool down.  I also LOVE to stretch after a workout.  I spend anywhere from 5-15 mins after a workout on the floor stretching my entire body, primarily focusing on the body parts that I worked the hardest that day.

There are alot of different theories on this, but this is what has worked for me.

Have a Happy Workout:)

It’s Wednesday!

So have you all tried out the new exercises?  Not so bad?  Right?  LOL!

I, from recent experience, want to talk to you all about pain and injury.  There is a difference between muscle soreness and straight up pain.

If you are having pain, make sure you take the rest you need.  And if it does not start to improve, please have someone look at it.  (And YES!  I know some of you are thinking…HHHMMMM  wonder if she is listening to her own advice.  I am on total no impact cardio now, and if no improvement by the end of next week, I will have it looked at.  PROMISE)

If you are suffering from DOMS(Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) from your workout from the day before, try to push through.  That is why we seperate the body into front and back split workouts.  So that you are not working the same muscle groups two days in a row.  This is a great way to do your resistance training so that you give your muscles the rest they require to rebuild.

So let me know if there are any questions and/or comments.



New Workouts are posted on The Workouts page.

Sorry it took me an extra week to get these up.  But I had a GREAT time in Asheville, NC last weekend!  Great times that will be with me forever:)

I hope everyone repeated week 4 last week.

For weeks 5-8, continue with at least 30 mins of cardio at least 4 days a week.   And during your circuit training, if the weight you use is easy to lift by the 10th rep, you are ready to up your weight.

I want to remind you all that we ALL have “off” days.  Just pick yourself up and get right back up.  If you miss a workout, maybe push out an extra 10-15 mins of cardio the next day.  If you find yourself eating poorly, don’t fret over it, because it will just cause more stress, and we all know what we do when we stress, right?  EAT MORE!  Turns into a viscous cycle.  Just let it go and eat as clean and healthy as possible starting at your next meal.

Time to turn in!  Sleep is also VERY important, and I have NOT been getting nearly enough of it lately.

Have a GREAT Monday!

I’m Leavin’ On A Jet Plane!!!

OK…so I am actually leaving Quincy on an 8-seater Cessna prop plane, but you get the picture:)  I get on a jet plane in STL:)  Then I am on my way to Asheville, NC to see my BLC peeps!  YYYYAAAAYYYYY!!!!  In case you can’t tell, I am a bit excited!  I will try to keep up with the blogging while I am gone, IF I can get logged in, since I don’t have room for anything else in my bag:P  LOL!

OK, Party Peeps….Have we been keeping up with our workouts?  I will be seeing most of you this weekend, but if anyone has questions, let me know!  You can comment or even send me a message on FB-Brenda Turnbaugh(Sullivan).


How is it going?

Hello Girls!

I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!


Today I wanted to revisit the fact that LIFE does get in the way sometimes, and I don’t want anyone to feel discouraged if they are not keeping up with the schedule on here.  The workouts can be done ANY TIME!  If you get behind, or stop for awhile because work, travel, life, ANYTHING derails you, start over or pick up where you left off.  Don’t let the dates at the top derail you.  In fact, these workouts can be used by those NOT using this page for a week, a day, whenever.  Monday and Thurday are Front splits and Tuesday and Friday are Back.  In fact, if you ever wanted to do a full body workout, you could do one set of 15 reps of BOTH!

If you ever have questions, feel free to post a comment on here(someone else may have the same question, but doesn’t want to ask) or email me at bsturnbaugh@yahoo.com.

Have a wonderfully active and POSITIVE day!

As you think, so shall you become.~Earl Nightingale

Have a GREAT Holiday Weekend!

Labor Day = Cookouts!

At least it always has for me.  Not sure exactly what we are doing this weekend yet(HOPEFULLY RESTING:)  but I am POSITIVE it will include something on the grill!  Enjoy it!  Try to pick a lean cut of meat(chicken breast, beef tenderloin, or a nice center cut pork chop with the fat removed, are some options).  Then add in a nice veggie tray to fill you up, and if you must, HAVE the potatoe salad!  But remember as you eat it, to stick to ONE serving!  Most mayo based salads(that someoone NOT watching their calories makes) have about 250 cals and 20g of fat!  IF you make it, substituting LF mayo and 2% cheeses can make a HUGE difference!

Other than that, Have FUN!  Stay SAFE!  And keep ACTIVE:)