Have a GREAT Holiday Weekend!

Labor Day = Cookouts!

At least it always has for me.  Not sure exactly what we are doing this weekend yet(HOPEFULLY RESTING:)  but I am POSITIVE it will include something on the grill!  Enjoy it!  Try to pick a lean cut of meat(chicken breast, beef tenderloin, or a nice center cut pork chop with the fat removed, are some options).  Then add in a nice veggie tray to fill you up, and if you must, HAVE the potatoe salad!  But remember as you eat it, to stick to ONE serving!  Most mayo based salads(that someoone NOT watching their calories makes) have about 250 cals and 20g of fat!  IF you make it, substituting LF mayo and 2% cheeses can make a HUGE difference!

Other than that, Have FUN!  Stay SAFE!  And keep ACTIVE:)


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