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Sorry it took me an extra week to get these up.  But I had a GREAT time in Asheville, NC last weekend!  Great times that will be with me forever:)

I hope everyone repeated week 4 last week.

For weeks 5-8, continue with at least 30 mins of cardio at least 4 days a week.   And during your circuit training, if the weight you use is easy to lift by the 10th rep, you are ready to up your weight.

I want to remind you all that we ALL have “off” days.  Just pick yourself up and get right back up.  If you miss a workout, maybe push out an extra 10-15 mins of cardio the next day.  If you find yourself eating poorly, don’t fret over it, because it will just cause more stress, and we all know what we do when we stress, right?  EAT MORE!  Turns into a viscous cycle.  Just let it go and eat as clean and healthy as possible starting at your next meal.

Time to turn in!  Sleep is also VERY important, and I have NOT been getting nearly enough of it lately.

Have a GREAT Monday!

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