Hello Happy Exercisers:)

Well I have gotten some comments about people not liking the Up and Downs, Mountain Clilmbers, and Surrenders:)  HAHAHA!  Sorry!  But, TRUST ME, they WORK!

I want to talk to you all about struggling with food.  I am there myself right now.  I know we all WANT to eat right!  We know WHAT to eat!  Yet we still find ourselves shoving cake, candy, snacks, etc in our mouths!  WHY?  If I could answer that question for you, I would be a GAZILLIONAIRE!!!  LOL!

I think it is different for all of us.  I know one thing that triggers my “grazing” as I call it, is procrastiniation!  If I know there is something I NEED to get done, but I really don’t WANT to do it…..I bet there will be an open container of Oat Bran Sesame Sticks somewhere within arms reach of me:(

I am trying a new exercise that I heard of recently that addresses just such behaviors.  I am tyring to associate the feelings I get AFTER I eat “bad” foods, or “too much” good food even, BEFORE I eat them.  It doesn’t always work, but so often, I am not even hungry when I find myself midlessly shoving my hand in a bag.  But the theory goes…If I can avoid the guilt and remorse and self-loathing feelings by trying to feel them BEFORE I actually put the food in my mouth, by remembering how I felt the last time I DID, I will NOT do the same behavior that triggered these feelings the last time.  Make sense?

I will continue to work on this and keep you updated.  Let me know if you try this and how it is working for you.

Have a GREAT day!  And keep up the AWESOME work!


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