New workout is done!

The latest workout is pretty basic stuff.  I have included videos where I think you may need them, but if you have questions, please ask.  Those of you who are subscribed should have my e-mail and/or should be able to post comments.

Beginners – DO NOT get discouraged if you can’t do the whole workout on your first try!  Work at it until you can get through all circuits once during each workout.  Even if you can only do one or two circuits in the beginning, ALWAYS do the Ab TriSet(Circuit 6) at least once a week!  And mix and match your Circuits.  Don’t do the same 2 each day.  Like we ALWAYS say, give yourself AT LEAST 10 minutes each day!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Intermediates – You should have no problems with this workout.  Work up to 2 sets of each circuit.  Go all the way through the workout once and start over from the beginning.

Advanced – NO EXCUSES!  You should be able to get through this at least 2 times.  By Christmas, I expect 3 sets of each circuit will be getting easy:)

Good Luck, and have a GREAT WORKOUT!

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