Are you ready???

Christmas time is upon us:)  How did that happen!?!?  I am NOT ready.  Actually, I don’t have that much to get “ready” so to speak, I just don’t seem to have my same Cheery Christmas mood as I usually do.  It just doesn’t seem like it is here yet.  Now am I ready for a new year?  YES!  I have big plans for me and my body for 2012.

Here are my goals:

To train for and run my second Illinois Marathon.  Hopefully as fast or faster than I did it last year.

To get as lean as possible by eating a VERY clean diet and training HARD!

Run 3 days a week, including long runs on Saturdays.

Cross-train 2 days a week(will usually be Zumba and FIT class)

Strength train 4-5 days a week.

Take one day a week OFF completely!

Little to NO alcohol during my training.

NO refined sugars!

Get at least 6-7 hours of sleep EVERY night!

After Bridge The Gap to Health half-marathon on May 12, 2012, re-evaluate and decide just how far I really want to go with fitness in my life.  Continue just for me, or maybe helping others more? A new career maybe?  We shall see what 2012 brings:)

One more goal I have is to blog here more in 2012.  Hopefully I will be posting some great progress on my part AND supporting you all as you progress too:)

So…what are your goals for 2012?

One Reply to “Are you ready???”

  1. Oh Brenda,
    You are SO motivating!! I love your plan for 2012 and reading it has made me think about me and making one, too! I will do just that (many of my thoughts are the same as yours – especially the CLEAN EATING! and removing sugars from my diet!)
    Lets all make 2012 THE YEAR OF OUR HEALTH!


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