The sad truth of the 2011 Holiday Season on my body:(

Day 1 has been miserable. I wanted to start on a Sunday, so that I end on a Saturday and can take my pics again on a Sunday, but I am STILL sick. I have been sick for nearly a week now, and I hope I feel up to a hardcore workout tomorrow night. UGH! At the moment I can’t breath:P

Anyway….I also wanted to talk about my before stats! UGH! I know I have been “off” lately, but putting aside being sick off and on for 2 weeks, and feeling close to death for the last 6 days….I gotta say, I am ashamed of my weight and BF% and measurements. I could make a few excuses about bloat and such, but we will see how quickly it comes off and THEN we will find out how much was really water weight.

Here is the sad truth at 8PM Sunday 1-8-12:

Weight – 161

BF% – 22%

neck -14

chest – 35

bust – 37

bicep – 12

forearm – 10

waist -33

abdomen – 35

hips -38

thigh -22

calf – 16

These WILL be better in 12 weeks! I am determined to be leaner and hopefully faster for the 2012 Illinois Marathon in April! AND have the athletic, fit body I have always dreamed of! But dreams don’t just happen, you have to work for them! I am ON IT!

Who is with me?