Today’s Workout!

Today was a cross-training day on my schedule and I spent it at Legacy Martial Arts in Quincy, IL. Which I have to tell you…I believe is the BEST PLACE EVER to workout!!! I started there to do a 90 day weight loss challenge. And I must admit that I did not commit during the holidays, and therefore did not do very well:( BUT…I found something there that I was NOT EXPECTING! Friends! Family-like friends:) Mr and Mrs Bentley??? Could not ask for better people:) And the WHOLE Legacy Family has seemed to taken me in and accepted me with open arms. And I love them for it:) My confidence is growing and between their support and the support of my Foxy Lady friends, I feel like I can accomplish my goals.

Anyway…back to tonight’s workout….
45 minute FIT class, which included medicine ball work and some serious balance work. Add in some glute work at the end, and I was all but spent at the end. BUT…it was NOT over! Had an hour of Zumba with my friend and instructor Stacey! She is awesome! We have such a great time at every class! By the end, at 9PM, my Polar HR watch read that I had burned 1016 calories since I walked in the door at 7PM.

All in all, GREAT NIGHT of fitness!

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