Not sure WHY I am happy it is Friday, because my weekend is PACKED!  Both dogs to the vet, a party Sat night, and I NEED to start taking down my Christmas decorations!  LOL!  Being sick for over a week has me really far behind.

But first, let me tell you about my last two nights’ workouts.

Wednesday night, I went to the gym and did an AWESOME leg workout!  I lifted fairly heavy for me, but since I have not been in a gym for awhile, and have been working out with only the free weights I have in my garage, I had to “test the waters” so to speak with the machines and get myself back in that groove.  I am SO HAPPY to be back in a gym:)  I SO missed the Smith Machine and the Cable machines…..I can not express enough how much I missed them!

Then on Thursday, it was back to Legacy for my second FIT and Zumba classes of the week!  I wanna tell Ya!  If you REALLY want a GREAT workout???  You can not beat Tuesday and Thursday nights at Legacy Martial Arts!  I once again burned over 1000 calories in less than 2 hours!  And it is so  much fun, that you forget you are actually working out:)  FIT class was kettle bells, ground and pound, and bag sparing, which are 3 of my favorites, so I really worked it and was left in a puddle of sweat!  And all the stress of this busy week???  GONE!  Wonderful how you can punch a bag so hard that you just leave it all there!  And not actually have to hurt anyone:)  hehehe  And as far as Zumba?  Can’t say enough GREAT things about Stacey Getz!  She is an AWESOME instructor who makes it fun and keeps it high intensity!  And changes up the songs enough to keep your body guessing.  Always something new at Legacy!  Never the same old boring workout!

Tonight is back and biceps at the gym for me.

Remember that you get out of exercise what you put into it.  No one ever said it was going to be easy.  Train hard!  You will love the results!


One Reply to “TGIF!!!”

  1. I get a workout just reading what YOU are doing! 😉 YOU are such an inspiration! WE ARE ALL SOOO LUCKY TO HAVE FOUND YOU!
    Thank you, Brenda. for caring about all of us so much to help us on our search for a healthier us!


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