Solution for a BAD day!

Well, we all have ’em!  And I was having a BAD day on Tuesday!  And AGAIN, somehow Mr Bentley at Legacy Martial Arts had EXACTLY what I needed in mind for FIT class Tuesday night!  We did 3 rounds of timed circuits.  Only 3 stations, started with 5 mins at each station, then 4 mins, and since we didn’t have time for 3 mins, he let us slide with 1 min for the last round.  NO REST between circuits, and only 1 min between rounds.  It was AWESOME!  I left so much frustration on that floor in the form of sweat:)  I am REALLY starting to love the heavy bags:)

Tonight I am going to the gym to do a chest and triceps workout.  Should be a good one!  Legs need the rest, but REALLY looking forward to a run tomorrow night in the 45* weather!  WWHWOOO HOOOO!!!!  And then of course, back to Legacy for another Bum Kicking FIT class!

So, if you are having a bad day, and you think, “UGH!  I am just going to chuck this workout!”  Think twice, and get up off your bum and do something!  It may end up being one of the best workouts you have ever had:)

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