Meant to be GREAT!

I love this!  I copied it from a friend’s Facebook page.  It makes me remember the MANY times along this journey that I have doubted myself.  And unfortunately still do sometimes…  Can I really be the person I want to be?  Not only the way I want to look!  But TRULY be the inspiring role model for a healthy lifestyle that I want to be.  I know I have reached some of my family and friends, but will I ever get past that fear of failure to reach out to a greater audience?  Do I have “IT” in me?  I KNOW I DO!  I WILL figure it out.  I WILL OVERCOME!  And why???  Because I feel I have finally found my purpose:)  It may have taken me longer than many, but who says you can’t FINALLY make all your dreams come true just because you are 40?  I have some great friends and family that I know will be behind me and support me in whatever I do.  And with that kind of support, I WILL be GREAT!

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