WHY do I workout the way I do???

I have been asked this question by a few people lately.  Some worry that I am going to get too “big”.  Some worry that I will look “manly”.  Some just simply don’t understand that lifting heavy and HIIT training is the BEST WAY to get lean!  PERIOD!  Now realize, that right now I am training for a marathon, and that is a bit of a different animal, and the long runs are important for “sports-specific” training, but when I am NOT in training, I do not run LONG miles everyday.  In fact, just the opposite!  I am trying to build strong lean muscle.  That is my intention.  Do I LIKE having big biceps???  YES!  Do I WANT defined abs???  OMG!  More than I can express!  Do I expect ANY of it to come overnight? NO!  I work hard because it is what I want AND I enjoy it!  I have lived most of my life as an obese slug!  I hate to put it that way, but that pretty much sums it up.  I was unhealthy, was pre-diabetic, had high BP, AND had the excuse of a lumbar spinal fusion to help me justify keeping my bum on the couch!  Well NO MORE!

I was talking to my trusted friend Carrie Kimber last week, and she informed me of a recent statistic that she had read that stated that 95% of all obese people who lose a large amount of weight, gain it all back.  And it usually brings friends.  I WILL NOT BE A STATISTIC AGAIN!  So if you see me at the Kroc Center working so hard that I am drenched in sweat….Remember that sweat is Fat crying because I am chasing it away!


2 Replies to “WHY do I workout the way I do???”

  1. Inspiring, as always. I look at you and see that you were once where I am now, and I will be where you are soon. You are helping me to see my road ahead and I’m eager for it.

    1. Thank You Tina! What you may not realize is that hearing you say that also inspires ME to keep going! Thank You:)

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