Weekend Run and A Brand New Week:)

Many of you know that I am in training for my second full marathon right now.  And some of you also know, that with the injury to my hamstring last August, that so far, it has not been going as well as I had hoped:(  While on out Bridge The Gap 4 mile training run this past Saturday, I talked to my buddy Doug.  SO HAPPY I did.  He is the one that helped pace me in my first marathon, and I had hoped I could train with him again and maybe get my head back in the game.  I had been psyching myself out for the most part.  Yes. there is still a bit of tenderness, but nothing “serious”.  I have just been so scared to push it, that I have been babying it a bit TOO much.  So, after talking to Doug, and him giving me a good ‘ol “Dougster’s ‘You Can Do It'” pep-talk, not only did I finish that 4 miles in the BRUTAL cold and wind, but I got straight in my car, headed for the gym, and did the last 8 miles indoors to finish my scheduled 12 mile training run!   I am so happy I did!  I think it really got my head back in the right place.  I was a bit sore yesterday, but no worse than after any other “first in a long time” long run:)  So now I am happy to report, that I am going forward to continue training for the Illinois Marathon on April 28th.


After the accomplishment of finishing 12 miles, you would have thought that the rest of my weekend would have been GREAT!  Not so much.  I decided that it was time to give myself a rest and recovery day yesterday, which I desperately needed because I had not taken one in 2 weeks.  But for some reason, that threw me off.  I was SO HUNGRY, and I seemed to just “graze” all day.

SO….today is the first day of a Brand New Week, and I am going to take full advantage of it to make a fresh start!  NO NEGATIVITY!  I CHOOSE to be happy and positive!  I will not let external things derail Me!  I hope you all have a wonderful, positive, productive week!  Now let’s get after it:)


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