Staying focused when life keeps you busy.

Life will occasionally throw a wrench in your plans, and it may not make it easy for you to stay focused.  And we are ALL guilty of letting things like this slip us up.  And if you do……SO BE IT!  As soon as it is over, it is in the past!  SO GET OVER IT!  There is not a thing you can do to change what already happened, so just re-focus and move forward.
BUT…if you know something is coming up that is going to make your life MORE hectic than normal….PLAN AHEAD!   Prepare your meals, get anything you can get done ahead of time DONE!  I, as of yesterday, have about 2 weeks worth of meals prepared and in the freezer.  We may not eat them all over the next two weeks, but they are there, healthy, and ready to keep me from “picking something up” at the last minute.  Because I am going to tell you, while training for a marathon, there are some weekends that a double digit long run will just take it out of you.  I know this, so I figured since I “only” had to run 10 this weekend. I would try to be prepared for NEXT Sat when I have 14 on the training schedule!

So…I guess what I am trying to say, falls back to the old saying…

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”

One Reply to “Staying focused when life keeps you busy.”

  1. OH SO TRUE, Brenda….oh so very true! LIFE DOES have a habit of “throwing me” for a loop at times, and I am happy to say I AM LEARNING to not let it totally derail me. Thank you for helping me to see that! Now, as for prepping 2 weeks worth of meals….um, I dont know that I am ever gonna pull that one off! 😉 BUT I WILL do my darndest to keep it on the healthy side! 😉
    love ya!!


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