Struggling, but still going STRONG!

Just wanted to post my progress pics from the last 9 weeks to help me keep my head in the game.  Workouts have been great, diet….NOT SO MUCH:P  I have gained a few pounds, but my BF% has gone down a bit.  Biceps are up nearly an inch on each arm, upper back and legs are MUCH tighter.  Core still needs A LOT of work!  I think Mr Jackson’s ab exercises at Legacy will be helping with those….WOW!  Tough, but great.  I keep saying…Legacy FIT class!!!  It keeps your body guessing and it is tough to get bored when you are never doing the same workout twice.

So here it is:  Three weeks left in this particular challenge….Can I stick with it and lean out enough???  I think YES!:)  Time to BE the BEST version of ME!

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