Another week in the trenches!

This week I found myself dealing with injuries.  Started last Thursday by cutting the bottom of my right foot.  Had to cut my 12 mile run on Saturday to 8, and by then, my foot was pretty much a bloody mess:(  So I decided to just lift really heavy this week and cut back on my runs to let it heal.  UM…my Left elbow had different plans:(  It has been really sore all week, and is requiring rest itself.  So I was VERY happy to work on core in FIT class both Tues and Thurs this week.  Mr Jackson and Mr Bentley both have been putting forth some pretty fierce workouts lately.  I LOVE IT:)

I reacted to some of this stress by overeating a few days.  Not horrible foods, but too much of it.  We all have “off” days.  I am a work in progress and will continue to work to be the Best Me I can be.

What are you doing to make You better today?  If you are having an off day, even a simple SMILE can help by bringing positivity to your life!

Train Happy!

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