Learning My Limitations!

Got a pretty good mental “Smackdown” yesterday.  Finally went to see Dr Biggs last week about my ongoing hip and hamstring pain.  Went back yesterday for a follow-up, and he benched me.  For a girl who spent most of her life doing anything she could to AVOID being active, NOW…being told to NOT run for 2 weeks was tough!  And on top of that, I am on a 12 day round of steroids, which scares me!  It is mentally hard to be a “fat girl”, and be put on a prescription that can possibly cause weight gain.  I have set my goal to be VERY meticulous with my diet over this period to see if I can avoid it, but I know what is possible.  Here is my new motto:


So….for the next 2 weeks, I can swim, cycle, or use the elliptical, and only light/body weight exercises on the lower body.

I also had to swallow hard and switch my registration at the Illinois Marathon from the Full to the Half.  I am trying to use my head on this one.  Better to run shorter distance now so I can run longer!  Yeah…OK….For those of you who know me, can you imagine me calling 13.1 miles a “shorter distance” a few years ago????  LOL!

Being called a “smart athlete” for making this decision feels good though:)

Realizing that I am nearly 41 years old, is hitting me kinda hard right now.  I think back and REGRET so much of wasting my “young” body:(  I wonder what I could have done had I started my journey when I was 28 instead of 38.  But looking back in regret will get me nowhere!  So from here on out….it is FORWARD WITH CONFIDENCE!!!!  No looking back.  I will do whatever I can for as long as this body will let me:) IF long-distance running is not in my fitness future, that does NOT mean I don’t  have a lifetime of fitness ahead of me.

In the words of the inspiring Ashley Johns…from here it is only “FIERCE FORWARD!”


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