Definition of Fit – April 10 – MY WGEM Audio track

Definition of Fit – April 10 – MY WGEM Audio track.


This is what I did this morning.  I gotta say, I LOVE spreading the motivation and inspiration for health!  If hearing this segment helps even one person to start getting fit and taking better care of their health, that makes me feel AWESOME!   I enjoyed doing this spot with Mr Bentley, and the WGEM Sports Center Crew, Josh, Dylan, and Broc.  Thank you to them for helping me spread the motivation!

For those of you in or near Quincy…please feel free to stop by Legacy Martial Arts and check it out!

FIT class is Tues and Thurs 7:15-8 PM and Sat 9-9:45AM

And stick around for Zumba with instructor Stacey Getz on Tues and Thurs 8-9PM.  We have a great time.  She also does a Sunday class that is 6PM right now, but I think that time will be moving up soon.  I will keep you all posted on that.

They also have scheduled MMA classes and Tae kwondo classes and many others are available.  Stop in and check it out.  36th and Broadway in the strip mall where El Rancheritos is located.  We look forward to seeing you there:)


Hi all!  Been pretty busy the last couple weeks.  Most of you who read this know that my Father-In-Law passed last week, and many of you sent prayers and condolences and we want to thank you for that.

Then of course, yesterday was the dreaded birthday:P  LOL!  And guess what?  I went to the gym and worked it like a beast!  After 2 weeks of going REALLY easy on my legs, I did a chest and leg workout.  I ran Saturday for 4 miles(4x1mile repeats all under 11min/mi), so I think my hip is finally getting back in the swing of things.  And that made me want to see what it could do in the weight room.  I started with 1.75 miles on the EFX elliptical, then did Smith Machine squats, DB step ups, stiff-legged deadlifts to calf raises with DB’s, and DB sumo squats for legs and incline presses, flat bench presses, pec flyes, and decline push-ups(3 sets to failure!  I had noodle arms afterwards:P  LOL!).  Then I added in some one-legged hamstring curls with light weight to specifically target the injured hamstring to build the strength back up in it.  Track work was next…walking lunges, squats, side lunges, high-knees, and butt kicks.  Then I ran/jogged 2.5 on the TM.  Ended with 10 mins of stretching.  AAAHHHHH!!!  All went very well.  Today I am a bit sore, but “hard workout” sore, not “in pain” sore.

Besides the tough workout, I had a wonderful day.  I have been blessed with some great friends and family who really made me feel special yesterday.  So…I guess being a woman in her forties is not too bad when you are surrounded by wonderful people AND can still outwork most of the “twenty-something” crowd in the gym:)  #norecess!

So I am 41?!?!  Yeah…well…I still feel better now than I did 20 years ago, so I have decided that I am just going to ROCK my Forties!

Make it GREAT!

I will have a second post later to show you what I got to do this morning, so stay tuned:)