Hi all!  Been pretty busy the last couple weeks.  Most of you who read this know that my Father-In-Law passed last week, and many of you sent prayers and condolences and we want to thank you for that.

Then of course, yesterday was the dreaded birthday:P  LOL!  And guess what?  I went to the gym and worked it like a beast!  After 2 weeks of going REALLY easy on my legs, I did a chest and leg workout.  I ran Saturday for 4 miles(4x1mile repeats all under 11min/mi), so I think my hip is finally getting back in the swing of things.  And that made me want to see what it could do in the weight room.  I started with 1.75 miles on the EFX elliptical, then did Smith Machine squats, DB step ups, stiff-legged deadlifts to calf raises with DB’s, and DB sumo squats for legs and incline presses, flat bench presses, pec flyes, and decline push-ups(3 sets to failure!  I had noodle arms afterwards:P  LOL!).  Then I added in some one-legged hamstring curls with light weight to specifically target the injured hamstring to build the strength back up in it.  Track work was next…walking lunges, squats, side lunges, high-knees, and butt kicks.  Then I ran/jogged 2.5 on the TM.  Ended with 10 mins of stretching.  AAAHHHHH!!!  All went very well.  Today I am a bit sore, but “hard workout” sore, not “in pain” sore.

Besides the tough workout, I had a wonderful day.  I have been blessed with some great friends and family who really made me feel special yesterday.  So…I guess being a woman in her forties is not too bad when you are surrounded by wonderful people AND can still outwork most of the “twenty-something” crowd in the gym:)  #norecess!

So I am 41?!?!  Yeah…well…I still feel better now than I did 20 years ago, so I have decided that I am just going to ROCK my Forties!

Make it GREAT!

I will have a second post later to show you what I got to do this morning, so stay tuned:)

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