SLAMMIN’ workout last night!

Considering my lumbar fusion, I have always been a little gun shy about lifting too heavy on my back, to the point that as strong as I am, I can STILL not do a pull-up.  But I realized, that I was not pushing it at all, and if I wanted to see progress, I was going to have to start adding a little weight.  So to the Assisted Pull-Up machine I went.  It was tough, but I did a ladder workout 10-8-6 reps with increased weight for each set.  Then I went to a close-grip seated row.  Then DB pullovers.  Then I decided to REALLY push, and did drop sets of one arm rows.  And finished up with DB bent-over high rows with 30#’s.  My rear delts were really POPPING!  I think I earned a little respect from some of the BB’s at the Kroc last night:)  Especially when I was done with back and instead of leaving, I stuck to my schedule and continued on to do abs:

3x tri-set :

1min plank(w 35# plate on my back)

30 second V-Sit

30 sec L side plank and 30 sec R side plank.

Repeat 3 times

Finished my night with a 3 mile run on the treadmill and 10 mins of stretching.  It still sounds crazy for me to be saying these things some days, but I LOVE the “strong and confident” feeling I get after a workout like that.  No more looking at the ground for me:)   Head UP, eyes FORWARD, confident smile ON!  I love my life:)  Who knew God hid my confidence in a gym?



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