Being Positive!

We all have days like I have had the last few days(PMS – bloated, starving, self-critical), but there is ALWAYS something positive somewhere.  I just had to be willing to look for it.  Of course, cramps and a little bitchiness was NOT going to keep ME from training, so after work, it was off to the Kroc to ROCK the bi’s and tri’s and shoulders.  Obviously my favorite body parts to train.  So when I got home, I decided to take some progress pics of JUST my arms.  I really wish I had some good lighting somewhere in this house:P  Anyway, point is, I LOVE MY ARMS!   When I want to feel strong or am in need of a bit of a confidence boost, I look at my arms.  I think of all of the HARD WORK I put into them, and I am PROUD of that!  Granted it is at full pump and full flex, but I have went from 11.5 to 13 inches in my upper arms since December.  UH….I kinda ROCK! 


See?  I started out today feeling kinda crappy about myself, and now….well:)  Sometimes it IS simply a choice to be happy.  You control how you feel about you.  STOP criticizing what is wrong, and CELEBRATE what is right:)  And don’t tell me there is nothing!  That is NOT true and you know it.  I don’t care if it is the color of your hair, or your perfectly manicured nails, or the fact that you can jump higher than any human should be able too, or are always the most caring person in the room, or simply that I think you are AWESOME!  There is something about you to turn that negativity into positivity!  It is YOUR CHOICE! 

So…here are a couple of the pics that helped cheer me up.  Please ignore the goofy faces:P  I haven’t figured out how to do full flex without screwing up my face somehow:D  HAHAHA!!!



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