Be Happy with YOU!

Girls….this one is for you!  Kind of along the same lines of my last post.

A young, single, male friend of mine just tweeted about how insecure women are a turn off.   That got me to thinking:P  I think he is on to something with that.  Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling really good about yourself, whether you are in the best shape of your life, or even just having a REALLY good hair day, that you ARE more beautiful!  A confident woman who walks with her head up and her chest out and shoulders back, and a smile on her face, can be the most beautiful woman in the room, no matter what she weighs or how plain she is.  Think about that!  Loving yourself IS the first step to treating yourself like the goddess you are!

I look at pics of me from 4 or more years ago, at more than 110# more than I weigh now such as this one from my wedding:And I am going to be honest…I did NOT like myself here.  I was embarrassed.  You are supposed to feel beautiful on your wedding day, and all I could focus on is that I had NOT lost the weight I wanted to before that day, and that my dress was a size 22.   I ruined the feeling you are supposed to have on your wedding day by not believing that I WAS beautiful.  I am a good person, and had on a gorgeous dress, and I was marrying my best friend!  And yet I was letting my weight and my self-loathing attitude ruin it for me.  I look at this picture today, and see that I did look beautiful that day, despite the sadness I see in my eyes.

Today, I have built my confidence not only through losing the weight and transforming my body, but proving to myself that I am capable of MUCH MORE than I ever thought possible.  I am STILL a good person, I STILL think that is the most gorgeous dress I will ever wear, and I am STILL married to my best friend.

So what has changed?  I am secure in my skin.  OK…Yes, I still have issues with the loose skin on my abdomen and thighs, and the fact that my boobs are GONE, but you know what?  Those things really don’t matter!  I am healthy, happy, and I have a GREAT life!  I get to inspire people to better themselves just by doing what I LOVE!  Working out, eating healthy, and being Me!  Which is now a secure, confident, happy woman who is proud of what she has accomplished, and is not afraid to post pics like this one to show how far I have come.  This was taken in my garage after a tough circuit that I set up for myself.  As the Rulership Movement states…”Excellence is the goal, dedication and tireless work is the key.”

I am worth the effort!  And I WILL keep working to reach my goals.

Be Happy With YOU!

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