Days 2 and 3 of the 90-Day Challenge

I am SORE!  I know I did take last week mostly off because I was sick, and then ran a half-marathon on Saturday, but I am exhausted!  Last night’s workout was another great FIT class followed by Zumba at Legacy Martial Arts.  And I gotta tell Yas….I could really tell that I have not done Zumba in a couple weeks, because for the most part I felt VERY uncoordinated:P  LOL!  But it is all good, because as always, Stacey made it fun, and I had a blast:)

For tonight, I am not sure if I will go to the gym, or come home to work out.  The weather is so beautiful right now, that I may take advantage and come home to workout. I have done pretty well with my food for Days 1&2, so let’s see how Day 3 goes.  I gotta admit, that I woke up hungry again, so once I figure the calories for yesterday, I may find out that I am still a bit low.  Monday was around 1350, and that is WAY TOO LOW for me.  I need to eat ENOUGH to fuel my body and maintain, and hopefully even build, my muscle mass at this time.

Time to make it a great day!  Here is my daily motivation!  Never mess with a determined woman!

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