Day 5

Things are going pretty well.  I have been holding some water, but woke up this morning down 3# from yesterday, so I think my body is just adjusting to the new eating plan, and possibly even my body still trying to get all the antibiotics and meds from being sick last week out of my system.  I know what I am doing works, so I will KEEP GOING!

I did realize yesterday after adding up my exact calories for the first 3 days, realize that I UNDER estimated several things, and I had dropped my calories way too low.  So I added some back in yesterday, and I feel much better this morning.  Tonight is my first BIG test.  I need to stick to my limits on my “treat” meal and not let myself go into full binge.  If I do, “treat” meals will have to be re-evaluated from here out while on this challenge.

Workout are going great so far too.  If you are curious what I have been doing, look on the MY DAILY WORKOUTS tab.

Make it GREAT!

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