Sunday! Day 21

End of week three!  Not seeing the results I want yet, but I am working on it!  I will never give up, so I KNOW I will get there.  Tomorrow, my rest from running is OVER!  I had decided to take a bit of time away from it, because it started to feel too much like a “chore”.  I love running, but my passion was waning:(  I hope that the rest not only will help me find my joy in it again, but will help really kick-start my metabolism.

But for today…..Today I REST!  Friday I spent most of the day in pain due to my shoulder wigging out on me.  Saturday was FIT and then a whirlwind of busy-ness, and today I have done my food prep, started the laundry, and now I am heading to the garden to play in the dirt.  I know that sounds like work, but it really does relax me.  I read a study one that said there is actually something in the dirt that gives off a relaxing vibe when you garden.  Kind of like a symbiotic relationship.  You help it and it helps you.  A bit “new-agey” for me?  Maybe.  But never-the-less, it does relax me, and I REALLY need that right now.


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