My worst critic?


This picture/saying really got me thinking today.  Who actually tells me I am not good enough?  Usually ME!  Or I will find myself purposely NOT sharing my goals and dreams with people, because I think they will tell me I am not worthy of them.    Or laugh and say, “What do you think is so special about YOU?”.   Or, “Dreams like that don’t come true for people like YOU!”.  WHY do I do that?

I think that sometimes things from our past can really play a number on the way we think of ourselves for the rest of our lives.  Should I really still be letting some things that happened when I was a child be dictating my whole life?  Should I still feel inadequate because of those happenings?  In my mind, I say NO!  But there is an inner conflict that still holds me back.

Then, I look at everything that I have changed in my life over the past 4 years, and physically???  OH YEAH!  A lot has changed.  Mentally?  I am the same loving, caring, supportive person that I have always been.  I haven’t really changed much there.  Oh, I do think I have a bit more of a positive view of the world than I used to, but now is the time for me to turn those positive views upon myself and realize that I am worth all the good things I can do and make of my life!   And that if sharing all the experiences(both positive and negative)and the knowledge that came with them, that I have gained in my life could help to motivate or inspire even ONE person to take better care of themselves, don’t I owe it to myself to “Go For It!”?

To reach for those dreams, to be EXACTLY whowant to be, no matter who or what doesn’t think I should?  Or because I could very well put a lot of time and energy into it and fall on my face?  SO WHAT?  The time is going to pass either way, and falling on my face trying to do something good with my life?  UH…isn’t that better than sitting here doing NOTHING?

Even if I fall on my face trying, and only lead by my example, it is possible that I could reach enough people that it makes a difference.

Will I change the world?  Probably not.  But what if I could change someone’s world?:)

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