Life is GOOD!

I have had a GREAT week:)  Many of the Legacy Martial Arts family members headed to Little Rock, AR for The ATA TKD Worlds Tournament, and Kingdom Productions’ Fight For The Troops MMA fights.  So a VERY exciting week for the school:)  BUT…since all the instructors are gone, I got to lead the FIT classes that I LOVE SO MUCH for the last 2 days, and will again on Saturday.  I am finding more and more happiness when sharing my passion for health and fitness.

Tomorrow is going to be the start of yet another BUSY weekend.  Running the Raider Classic 10k at 7:30, teach FIT at 10:30,  Zumba with Mrs Getz directly following, and then home to get ready for a party at a local park for a joined Birthday celebration for my BIL and some friends.  Sunday will be spent doing some fundraising and race paperwork and work around the house and garden.

So to sum up my week, I want to thank Mr Bentley, Mr Jackson, and Mrs Getz for encouraging me to “do my thing”.  Just seeing that I “CAN” do it, rejuvenated something inside me that will motivate me to keep going and reach for my goals!  My self-confidence is building, and that will continue to fuel my fire for wanting more for myself.  I read this week that “you deserve what you settle for”.  Those were VERY powerful words to me.  I have settled for less than I was capable of achieving in many areas of my life.  I think now is my time to reach for my dreams!

Make it GREAT!

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