I had to take a short break from the deluge of numbers I have been staring at for the last 3.5 hours here at work, and once again got to thinking about things.  I sometimes wonder if anyone reads this blog.  I wonder IF I can help inspire more people.  If so, HOW do I go about reaching them?  And exactly what does it take to inspire?  Do I have it?  I seem to for a select few, but am I capable of doing more?  And if yes…HOW?  WHEN?  WHERE?  Getting my story down on paper seems to be consuming my every thought lately, yet I have made very little progress.  I know what that is, it is FEAR.  Fear of failure?  Fear of success?  Maybe a little of both???

And then it comes back to the same line of thinking.  Will people really WANT to read it?  Will it inspire?   Will the triumphs that I have made over addiction, disability, genetics, and fears help others find their way to a healthier lifestyle?  If it would help someone make even one small change in the right direction, then wouldn’t it all be worth it?  Obviously my answer is yes, because I continue to write even if I am not sure anyone is even out there:)

I know God will help me find my way, I just need to keep my heart AND my eyes open to what could come around the next corner at any moment.  My thinking is that success in life is similar to getting results from a workout?  Put in the hard work and stay focused on the goal, and great things WILL happen.

Just don’t forget to enjoy the ride:)

Love this pic of me and JJK from the Quincy Herald-Whig in January 2012.  Talk about an inspirational life!  Time to keep working on mine:)

Remember the Girl who gave up???  Neither does anyone else!

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