A new inspiration:)

I started this blog to try to inspire others by showing my hard work and determination to overcome a lifelong weight problem and my physical challenges since my back injury in 1994, and hope that I succeed in doing so.  BUT…  I gotta tell you about a friend of mine who I actually met about 8 months ago, who really inspired me last week.  We talk at the gym, but have never really shared a lot about ourselves, so I had no idea he had such an inspirational story.    When I see him working out, I can see that he is in great shape, and dedicated to staying healthy.  So, when I say that to look at him, you would never guess that just one year ago, he was in a wheel chair, is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!!! I believe my chin may have actually hit the floor when he told me.  He is so active and full of life.  But early last year, he had started to have some loss of feeling in his hands, then his legs, and from what I understand, it progressed VERY fast.  It was an autoimmune disorder that attacked his nerves(the name of it was about a block long, so unfortunately, I can’t remember it off hand).  I can’t even imagine how bleak his outlook must have been at first.  But in his words, “I was too stubborn and hard headed to let it keep me down!”  And now, in less than a year, not only has he been back to working out for a few months already, but is in better shape than most men half his age!

I haven’t told him that I am writing this, so I will not mention his name, but I want him to know that he has inspired me and re-kindled my spark to keep going.  I have many goals that I am reaching for, but my main one is to stay healthy and active for as long as I am physically able.  And I want this friend to know that he is now my inspiration to keep doing just that.  Some will say that I have plenty of my own, but just in case, I hope a little of his “stubborn and hard headed” rubs off on me:)

So…on days when I am looking for excuses to not get in a workout, I will think of this friend and remember that there MAY come a day that I CAN’T workout.  But then I will think to myself…Today is NOT that day!

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