The speed bumps called Injuries

This has been a weird week.  My allergies are acting up, so my lungs are kind of making me feel like a cardio beginner.  And for some reason, although I have always been a bit uncoordinated, I have had an exceptionally rough week with little injuries.  Monday I strained my back, Thursday I tweeked my Right hamstring doing sprints, and yesterday I jammed my finger that I had to have surgery on and it is about the size of a polish sausage:(  And for some odd reason, my calves keep cramping!  UGH!

OK…so that is enough of my whining.  I am sitting here eating breakfast  1c Plain Greek yogurt with vanilla flavored stevia drops, 1/3c granola, and some watermelon and cantaloupe.  And LOTS of coffee!  Then I am going to head to the garage and do some kind of workout.  Probably a couple Jillian Michaels DVD’s, because I am starting a new lifting schedule tomorrow, so I need to keep the resistance light.  But first, I need to get some laundry started, and do a little meal prep for the week.

I am really hoping to have a much more typical week this week with greater focus on my diet.  My pictures have been rescheduled for September 22nd due to a scheduling problem that was TOTALLY my fault, but that gives me the time to work on my diet and core a bit more and hopefully lean out.  That said…I am getting some pics taken for something else, on either the 20th or 21st, so I need to stay focused this week.

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