With These Wings I Can FLY!

Someone gave me the gift of wings today.  

I have many wonderfully supportive people in my life.  However, I have fought and done all I know how, to get the approval of a couple of people who for some reason don’t seem to want to give it.  I am done trying to please others, because I am good enough for ME!  I have worked hard to change my life for the better.  And I try my best to be a good person to others.  So WHY would I NOT deserve something good to happen in my life???  I DO!  

I received compliments and was told I was an inspiration from people literally all over the world today.  Funny how sometimes it takes someone looking in from the outside to see something that those closest to you cannot. 

But now my confidence has been boosted, and I think it is time to reach for my stars!  Head up.  Eyes wide open.  Ready to work.  

Thank You Stace:)