With These Wings I Can FLY!

Someone gave me the gift of wings today.  

I have many wonderfully supportive people in my life.  However, I have fought and done all I know how, to get the approval of a couple of people who for some reason don’t seem to want to give it.  I am done trying to please others, because I am good enough for ME!  I have worked hard to change my life for the better.  And I try my best to be a good person to others.  So WHY would I NOT deserve something good to happen in my life???  I DO!  

I received compliments and was told I was an inspiration from people literally all over the world today.  Funny how sometimes it takes someone looking in from the outside to see something that those closest to you cannot. 

But now my confidence has been boosted, and I think it is time to reach for my stars!  Head up.  Eyes wide open.  Ready to work.  

Thank You Stace:)

4 Replies to “With These Wings I Can FLY!”

  1. Ya know, I feel like I say the same ol thing everytime I post on your site…but, I can’t help myself. and I FEEL IT SOOO STRONGLY! Brenda, YOU ARE SUCH an inspiration to me and to EVERYONE who see’s all you have accomplished. MY SISTER commented on your recent pic. SHE never comments on workout stuff (she has battled her weight for years!) Anyway, I TRULY. TRULY from my heart, and SOOO HONORED and THANKFUL to know you and be a part of your incredible journey – girl, it is ONLY beginning for you. I BELIEVE THAT.
    BELIEVE. ‘Cause it’s comin’ your way!
    Love you, Lois


    1. Thank You So Very Much, Lois! Not only for the nice words, but for sharing my journey with me:) I will see you at the TOP!


  2. Those people who can’t or won’t give their approval usually have issues within themselves that hinder them from encouraging others. Just know that it is their issues with themselves that hold them back, it’s not you. Look at how much you have accomplished even without their approval!

    You are an amazing encourager, and I hope that you receive as much encouragement as you give, cause you are giving it out every time I see you.

    Do keep your head up and your eyes wide open, cause you don’t want to miss all that God has destined for you to do. Enjoy every minute of the success that you have worked so hard for. You deserve it!


    1. I appreciate that Tina. That is the main reason I love Legacy so much. The love, support, and encouragement that I receive there to continue to better myself makes me WANT to be better and help others want the same for themselves. I believe that something big is coming, and I have put my trust in God, that He will help me find the right path. I just have to pay attention so that I am ready to do some good, hard work once He shows me the way:)


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