Flood of Emotions!

SO overwhelmed right now.  But mostly in a good way:)  I am full of excitement, fear, happiness, stress, and even a bit of sadness. And I must say, that EVERY big change I have ever had in my life brought these feelings, but something about this new chapter in my life has me looking at EVERYTHING in my life.  What is important?    What exactly do I want to do?  What is holding me back?

My confidence is so much higher recently, but there is still that underlying fear that I am going to fall on my face!  But thanks to Mark Cummings (half the heart, twice the determination) (a VERY inspiring young man whose FB page you should ALL check out), I know to “NEVER let your fears decide your fate!”  Those words really resonated with me.  I am ready to push past the fear of not being “good” enough, or “smart” enough.  My personal experience and my passion to want to help others IS enough!

I am lucky to have a great support group in my husband, fitness friends, and family members.  And with all else that is going on right now, I have decided to become a Certified Zumba Instructor and am working on finishing up my ACE CPT course.  I myself, have always been drawn more towards experience when it comes to fitness, but I know some people like seeing the the “papers”.   So I guess soon I will have both.  

So if I seem absent more than usual, you can probably either find me working out somewhere, reading/studying my text, sitting in front of my computer working on my webpage, in my garage doing Zumba, or for a few brief moments, actually sitting down enjoying the company of my husband and furkids:)  All the pieces of this little puzzle called “My Life”, are finding their way together.  I just have to have patience and keep working hard.  And why???

Have a great weekend!

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