Thoughts for Today

If you follow me on Facebook, then you may have read that I did NOT get the proper amount sleep last night that I had intended to get.  OH…I DID go to bed early enough, but at 2AM the light and sound show started, and therefore, so did the whimpering from one of my bassets:(  Emmy has developed a fear of storms kind of out of the blue.  These storms continued most of the night, so I may have gotten 5 minutes here and there, but even at that, they were half sitting up holding a 53# basset like a baby:P  LOL!  I feel so sorry for her, but I don’t understand why she suddenly developed this fear about 6 months ago.

OK…that said, I was talking to a fellow weight loss blogger last night, and as I sat there watching the lightening, I thought of him.  He mentioned that he had “fallen off the fitness wagon” recently, and was struggling to get back on it.  And that he felt he had lost some supporters because he had a back slide:(  The saying, “If you are not here for me during my struggles, don’t expect to be here for the benefits of my success.” came to mind.  I told him that if someone was that quick to turn their back on him that he never really had their support.  But I will say, that I have found in my journey, that people who have never had a serious weight problem don’t always seem to understand just how hard it can be.  It really is a LIFE CHANGING event!  You have to not only want it, but be willing to work VERY HARD for it!  And the journey from Fat to Fit is hardly ever a straight line.  There will be bumps in the road, there will be delays, sometimes unexpected detours, and unfortunately, even a few wrong turns and even worse, maps -that that you trust to be right- are sometimes WAY OFF!!!

Support is such a key element in any success in my opinion.  To have a friend, a coach, a support group, someone to use as a sounding board or mastermind with, or sometimes just an anonymous person from across the globe who simply “gets it”, can be one of your greatest tools in reaching your goals.  I know the anonymity of an online support group was where I found it.  I LIKED them not “really” knowing me.  Especially in the beginning.  In fact, I was scared to death the first time I met some of them in person.  I feared that once they became “real” then I would only disappoint them worse when/if I had struggles.  I didn’t!  And now, even when I have struggles, like right now being up a few pounds, knowing perfectly well that it is because I have slacked off my cardio recently, do they judge me?  Do they criticize me?  NO!  And do you know why?  It is because they are here to support me and help me work my way through it!  They know I have been burning the candle at both ends lately, all while trying new workout and eating plans that don’t seem to quite work for me, and that I WILL get myself back on track!  That is why I have decided to go back to doing this MY WAY!  I have tried all the other ways, and hoped that the one plan that said that all I had to do was lift heavy and eat clean to lose all the fat I needed to, would work.  Maybe for some, but I, and quite frankly MOST people who have been seriously overweight for most of their lives, am an endomorph body type, and simply REQUIRE more cardio to burn the same amount of fat as other body types might.  I KNOW this fact, but decided to try to get off easy.  NOT!  Only consistent hard work will bring me the success I desire.

And remember…..Slow progress IS PROGRESS!  NEVER GIVE UP!

Time for me to get back to work!  If I can stay awake this evening, I plan to go to FIT and Zumba tonight.  Then home to shower, a quick supper of leftovers, and off to bed I go.  Praying for NO STORMS tonight:)

2 Replies to “Thoughts for Today”

  1. OH Brenda, You ALWAYS seem to know just what to say, and at the right time (in my life, anyway!) I for one, will NEVER give up, turn my back, stop following or listening to you. YOU ARE REAL. YOU MAKE SENSE. YOU ARE BELIEVABLE.
    THANK YOU for always sharing what is in your heart and what you are going thru. EVERYONE who follows you is blessed to be doing so. 🙂


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