Either I got REALLY OLD over the last 8 months, or my body has forgotten how hard I used to workout!  LOL!  I have been lifting heavy and limiting my cardio for so long, that the circuit training I have returned to is really tough.  And I LOVE IT!  My knees hurt, my back aches, and I feel ALIVE!    Tonight I did a back side(pull muscles) workout after about 20 minutes on the heavy bag.  It was only 68* in my garage, and I was drenched!  I do want to make sure that I say here that I jumped back in right where I left off, I am not doing the beginners version.  When I design workouts for beginners, or those returning to exercise after a long hiatus, it will not be like this.  Not that it will not be challenging:)    

So far, the first 3 days are going well.  Sticking to my calorie range, and my workouts are going fantastic.  I am afraid that my allergies are starting to flare up again though.  Hopefully they will not get in my way.  Now, it is time to head to bed.  I have 15 minutes before I pass my 6.5 hour minimum sleep threshold.  UGH!  I have to start getting to bed earlier.  

As always…..MAKE IT GREAT!!!

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