WOW! This first 4 weeks has not only FLOWN BY, but I have really not been very “on track”.  Unfortunately, life has thrown me a few doozies recently, including a severe bout with pitting edema that made my weight jump up 15# in one week!  Talk about scary!  I had to go back on medication for it(had been off for about 16 months with very few problems).  I am pretty much back to where I was before, but  it caused a lot of fatigue, as well as leg pain and heaviness that hindered any good cardio workouts for over a week.

And this past week, as many of you know, I was constantly begging for votes in the Fitness magazine “Face of Fitness” contest, week 4 of 10.  I ended the Reader’s Choice portion for the week in 13th Place.  So I didn’t win the contest, but 13 out of 179, is not too shabby:)

I had planned on writing out this week’s workouts over the weekend, but this weekend was one small disaster after another, culminating with my washing machine going out:(  A trip driving into town to go to the laundromat was NOT in the schedule!  Now this week I will be hunting down a new one that will not cost me an arm and a leg AND will be here before mid-November!  UGH!  Why do they NOT keep these things in stock:(

So…I am looking for my positives today:)  And even with all the snags in my schedule, the positives are still plentiful!  The 3 F’s always come to mind when I think of things I am thankful for.  Family.  Friends.  and Fitness.  So Thank You all for giving me something to be thankful for every day.  Because the only way to top off those 3 things is by getting to inspire and motivate my family and friends THROUGH fitness:)

Until next time, take control and make your life GREAT!!!

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