The Holiday season is now upon us!  Halloween is over(though the candy is still lingering) and Thanksgiving is exactly 3 WEEKS away!  After that, starts what is commonly known as one big food fest right through Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and right up until the dreaded 1st of January which is when, in our minds at least, it all comes to a screeching halt and the “resolutions” begin!

I am here to propose a challenge to you!

What if we defy the odds together and get a jump on all the New Years fitness hoopla and work on getting fit NOW!  Starting Monday, we have exactly 7 weeks until Christmas Eve.  Do you want to be the “Average American” and gain 5-10# by then, or would you like to see what kind of fitness goals you can achieve by then?  ME?   I am participating in a challenge at Legacy Martial Arts, that I have set my goals for.  But for those of you who can not join me there, we can still do this together.  If there is enough interest, let me know on my FB page and I will open up the Facebook Group that I have set up for anyone wants to join in.

Even if your goal is “only” to get through the holidays without gaining, that is still a FABULOUS goal!  All the parties, goodies, baking, you name it, makes it HARD!  And TRUST ME…it helps to have someone to share the frustrations with!  A support group can sometimes be your most valuable fitness/weight loss tool.

Let’s talk goals.  SMART goals!


Here is my SMART goal for the next 7 weeks:

I am going to train hard 5-6 days a week, and get my BF down to 19%(specific and measurable). That is only about 3.5%(approx 6-7# of fat), so it is realistic and should be attainable in 7 weeks time with hard work!

The only question left to ask……How bad to I want it??? Bad enough that I hope to see a big enough difference in 7 weeks, that on December 22nd, this pic looks like a “before” pic.

So….what is my plan?  Not much different than my current lifestyle, but instead of just working out and eating clean, I will be “in training”.  In training for what you ask?   HHMMMMM…not positive yet, but a new adventure could be right around the next corner.  A competition maybe?  Trying to win Transformation of the Week on  Just to wear a bikini in public without being self-conscious???  You just never know, but my dreams are big and…..

Who is with me???


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