Finding Peace During a Crazy Week

I am multi-tasking today.  I am writing this while getting my car serviced since I am going to Peoria next Saturday for my first Zumba Instructor Jam Session with Stacey.  I am so excited!   Pretty sure we are going to have a BLAST!!!

I hope this finds you all who are in the USA settling back into your routine after a wonderful celebration with family and friends this Thanksgiving.  Or maybe you get to make a whole weekend of it;)  I went to my brother’s house in town and had a nice visit with quite a bit of my family.

My first gluten free family get together went pretty well.  It is hard to pass up some of my old favorites, but then I think of the cysts and bloating that I have been suffering with this week just after a couple slip ups last week, and realize they really aren’t worth it.   I had one grilled chicken on a regular bun and my all time favorite snack of oat bran sesame sticks.  THOSE I am going to miss:'(.  BUT I know what must be done to get lean, get rid of the cystic acne, find my confidence in myself, and live my dream, and I am committed to doing what it takes.

Today I am, as always, SWAMPED with things that must be done.  But I still made time for me.  I went to Legacy Martial Arts and went to my third yoga  class.  I am finding that not only do I enjoy it, but I think it really is helping me get some old injuries stretched out better.  I also hope that if I stick with my practice, that it helps with my balance.  I don’t talk about it much, because I don’t want anyone to think I am making excuses, but not only do I have the tight hamstring/hip issues from the atrophy after my spinal fusion, but I also ended up with some permanent nerve damage that affects my feet.  I don’t always “feel” the ground under my feet, and it makes it hard to find my center of gravity sometimes.  So if you ever wonder why I am such a klutz???  There is your
answer!  LOL!

So, if you had what you consider a “failure” of a day due to splurging, be happy that you enjoyed it while you were eating it, and move on.  Do NOT let one day, or even a few days, a week, whatever, derail you from living your most healthy life!


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