They Come! They Grow! They Go!

I know many of you who are parents are probably thinking I am speaking of children.  Quite the opposite actually.  This is about a couple of the leaders in my life.  I spoke of something similar to this on Facebook just this past weekend.  A good leader does not have forever followers, they constantly have a new group of fellow leaders that they have taught very well.  This is a story of such a person.

As I write this blog, I have both a smile on my face, and a tear  in my eye.  You see,  by week’s end, Mr Dominique Jackson, who I have spoke of on a regular basis in this blog for about the last 8 months, is no longer going to be assisting Mr Robert Bentley at Legacy Martial Arts.  He is leaving Legacy AND Quincy, IL, and although I am VERY sad to see him leave, but he is leaving us to start a new journey.  The people of Oklahoma City, OK are blessed to be getting the newest ATA TKD and Fitness school owner!  I am beyond happy for him, as this is what he is meant to do.

As an instructor, he always demands each person give their personal best!  He would never let you cheat yourself.  In fact, he has a way of making you WANT to be your very best!  His Rulership Movement motto is as follows:

The Rulership Movement is about the progression of perfection. The drive for excellence and the determination to reach past your goals. The movement is comprised of the elite, whom from the moment they wake, dedicate themselves to the perfection of whatever they do. Excellence is the goal, dedication and tireless work is the key. Set the pace. Lead the pack!


I mean, how could I NOT miss a guy who would HELP me kick him in the face to get a great photo op???  LOL!

Of course, product placement was pretty high on his agenda too!  *giggle*

I just wanted to pay tribute to a great instructor, a trusted leader, and wonderful friend!  I will miss him, but I wish him all the best things that God has in store for him now and forever in his future.

Good Luck to you, Sir!  I am blessed to call you friend!

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