‘Tis the season!

It’s been a while!  Been a bit busy trying to fit Christmas planning and preparations in with everything else that is going on.  WHEW!  I am NOT getting proper sleep, which probably why I feel a cold coming on and I have a POUNDING headache as I type this.  BUT….I needed to get in here to stay accountable.  Speaking of…….

Confession time.  I did not do so well last week on my gluten free diet.  Which, in turn, resulted in some horrible cystic acne on my face and shoulders.  I also started holding fluid again.  I have only lost 2# of the 7# I gained from it so far.  Hoping that it comes back off before the end of the BL Challenge at Legacy.  maybe I should follow Mr Bentley’s lead and try a weight cut over the next week and a half.   My diet is going to have to be spot on though, because I am going to have to cut back on a few workouts over the next week.  I hate that, but I am already not getting enough sleep, and I can’t afford to be sick right now.

Why is it sometimes so hard to do what you know is best for you?  We all have slip ups.  But the only time you FAIL is when you quit trying.  I wasn’t going to mention this, because I am a bit ashamed of myself for making such bad choices, but I figured I should share it so that you all can see that just because I have had success with weight loss, at times I do still struggle.  I have to make a conscious choice EVERY day to be healthy.  Diets, 90-Day Challenges, and workout routines like “30-Days to Flat Abs”, only work short-term.  UNLESS you learn to incorporate the healthy aspects of such plans in to your PERMANENT HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!   This is the reason I have always allowed “earned meals” in my diet.  It is not  realistic to say I am NEVER going to eat junk food EVER again.  Just hopefully not pizza!  UNLESS it has a gluten free crust.

This time of year can make it tough to stick to a healthy lifestyle with all the parties and such.  So if you are trying to lose weight, maybe for the next couple weeks, if you feel you are putting so much stress on yourself by working on losing maybe cut yourself a little slack, enjoy a few treats, and just try to focus on maintenance!  Keep it in moderation!  But remember…Life WILL happen!  Eat SMART, but do not get to a place of deprivation, or you will just end up resenting the whole process and quitting may seem like an option.  DON’T LET IT BE!

Stay strong!  It will be over before you know it!  Enjoy your time with family and friends!  Focus on the time together, NOT the food:)

As a Christian, Christmas is my favorite time of year!  So if you share my beliefs, Merry Christmas!  If not, however you celebrate, have a Happy Holiday Season!

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