Schedules and a little Self Discovery!

SCHEDULE?  WHAT’S THAT???  Yeah, that is unfortunately how my year has started:P  Then as soon as I am good to go….something else seems to throw my schedule off again!  Going to start by saying that I feel like I have hit a WALL! 😦  I am pretty sure I am not getting near enough rest lately.  Between being sick, having a broken tooth that ended up with an infection and all the dental pain and dentist appointments that go with that….and then trying to “catch up” on workouts….WOW!  I am physically AND mentally EXHAUSTED!

But, with that said, you know me…I will NEVER quit!  I want to achieve my dreams! I just need to find a bit more balance and get a little more rest!  So today, I am taking my breaks and lunch hour to work on this blog and finish my training schedule, to include the last 8 weeks of my challenge, and all the way up to the IL Half-Marathon on April 27th in Champaign, IL.

I also found out that since I am happier with my life, it has made so many aspects of my life better, including the way I deal with hurt and anger.  I had a problem the last few weeks dealing with the sadness of being “un-included” in an event that I felt I had worked VERY hard for the last few years, and for some reason was not asked to return this year.  I will admit that I was, and frankly still am, a bit hurt.  But I could feel that hurt turning to anger, which leads to GREAT negativity for me.  I am happy now, but have lived too much of my life miserably negative to let the actions of others take me back to that dark place.

So…though I will miss some of the group, I will chalk it up to their loss.  I REFUSE to make ANYONE a priority after they have made ME an option!  Sometimes you have to distance yourself people if they bring more negativity than positive influence to your life.  Some people you can do without….someone that doesn’t support your dreams, someone who criticizes you for your short comings instead of helping to find a solution, or someone who simply makes you question your self worth!  People worth having in your life will NEVER make you feel like you are not “good enough” just because you aren’t THE BEST!!!  Focus on being YOUR best!  Getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle is NOT just about losing weight!  I have lost the weight, but sometimes the mental struggles with yourself is way more difficult than just “not eating the candy bar!”  Find people who you can celebrate the high moments with, AND who will stick around to help you find your way back out of the dark spots.

That is all I have to say about that! 🙂

Time to get after the rest of my day!

Train like you are saving your life.  And SMILE the whole time because you ARE!  Love Ya, Peeps!

MAKE today GREAT!!!!


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