I Start! I Stop! WHAT IS MY PROBLEM???

Since I started this blog, I have done several challenges to try to push myself to reach my Ultimate Fitness goals.  I have come up short EVERY time.  As 2013 began, I started a bodybuilding.com challenge, and I had such high hopes.  Then came some horrible dental problems, followed by infection, followed by 2 weeks of just not feeling “well”.   The next thing I knew, it was the end of Week 6 of a 12 week challenge, and I felt defeated.  So I kind of gave up.  Don’t get me wrong, I am STILL working out hard, I am still doing “My Thing”, but I am not FULLY committing myself like I used to!

I am hoping that is all about to change! As you know, I have recently became a Beachbody Coach!  I am IN this thing!  I am ready to be a “product of my product”  Already, I am seeing great results with Shakeology, but next Monday, April 1st, I am starting P90X with the GREAT Tony Horton!  I have read SO MANY inspiring success stories on Team Beachbody.   It has gotten me really excited, and I am really looking forward to finally getting back to ME!

SIDENOTE – If you sign up for a free membership on www.teambeachbody.com, please list me as your coach so I will automatically get added to your list of friends!

I KNOW what you are thinking….”What do you think will be different this time?”

I am back to INVESTING in ME!

And believe me, I do get it!  P90X and Shakeology seem expensive!  But I am thinking of MY future!  What it will do for my health, for my confidence, for my business.  I truly believe that fitness is a catalyst for so many things.  Once I found out that I could beat obesity???  WOW!  There are so many things I KNOW I can do now.  And NOW, I KNOW I can get to MY personal goal!  Just sit back and WATCH ME!  Better yet….Come along for the ride!  I really don’t think you will be sorry you did! 🙂



2 Replies to “I Start! I Stop! WHAT IS MY PROBLEM???”

  1. Good for you! Don’t ever give up on being healthy and the best you that you can be. I’ve heard great things about P90X – keep us updated.


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