I have been called a leader.  I have been called a motivator.  I have been called an inspiration.  But as those of you who have been following me from the beginning know, sometimes it is those who call ME an inspiration who inspire ME the MOST!

As you know, I have been training for the Illinois Christie Clinic Half Marathon.  I ran the full in 2011 which was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life.  Injuries lead me to the half in 2012, and I was…well, quite frankly, embarrassed.  But I had an experience last year that could not compare to anything I had ever felt.  The people I knew from BLC and  NOVO Wellness who came to Champaign, IL to run, walk, or to be there for support during the 5k and the Half-Marathon were AMAZING!

I am writing this entry to focus on one person in particular.  Carol Wheeler.  I have struggled with my training due to the speed I have lost due to a hip and hamstring injury, but each time I think of Carol and what she is going through and I push forward.  Here is a clip from the Champaign, IL local news about her.

In Perspective: Finishing the 5k

In it, she says, “this year, she’s training to walk parts of the 5K, and for the parts she can’t walk, her friends will push her in her wheelchair.
This year, they’ll be helping her cross the finish line.”

I am BLESSED and HONORED to get to be one of those friends!  Carol is an AMAZING  spirit!  She is the type of person when you hug her, you feel the love all the way to your soul!

PLEASE join me in cheering on my friend Carol in her first 5k!   Her undeniable spirit will inspire and motivate us all!

Carol and Greg Hottinger, one of the authors of Coach Yourself Thin.
Carol and Greg Hottinger, one of the authors of Coach Yourself Thin, after last year’s IL Marathon.

2 Replies to “Inspiration!”

  1. Thanks Brenda! You have been an inspiration for me.
    Carol Wheeler


  2. Fantastic post – may you both have the great joy of crossing that Finish Line with arms raised high!!! God Bless!!


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