I am a day late getting this post done, but yesterday I started something that I want to share with the WHOLE WORLD!  I honestly believe that a lot of negativity in the world begins with how we feel about ourselves.  If we feel good about ourselves, we are more positive and spread positive “vibes” with everyone we meet.  If we feel badly about ourselves, it is just as easy to be negative and spread those negative”vibes” with everyone we come in contact with.

I am teetering on the top of the fence with this lately.  I WANT to share my story with the world.  I WANT to be a good Beachbody Coach and help as many people fight this horrible battle against obesity.  And I KNOW that I CAN do it!  I KNOW IT CAN!  I have been there.  I understand.  I worked HARD to get where I am and I won’t “sugar coat” it for anyone!  There is NO MAGIC pills or potion.  You have to eat right, get the best nutrition you can, and WORK YOUR BUTT OFF!  I know all of this, and I KNOW I can help others do the same.  But yet something holds me back…

I can’t seem to get people to really listen.  I KNOW what it takes, but that is NOT what people want to hear.  They don’t want to hear that their 15 minute lunch break walk or their 2 days a week exercise class is simply NOT enough to make a BIG change.  To be 100% honest with them about WHAT it takes, and the fact that it has not come for free.  I have spent a small fortune in Workout DVD’s, gym memberships, running gear, workout equipment, and healthy foods and supplements.  And by doing all of that, I found what REALLY works!  I have been the guinea pig.  That is why I believe in Beachbody Fitness Programs and Shakeology.

So if I am THIS passionate about Beachbody, Shakeology, and helping others find their way to health through fitness and proper nutrition, WHAT is standing in my way you ask???


I have believed for a VERY long time that I really don’t matter much.  That “good things” just don’t happen for “people like me”.   My confidence is easily rattled.  I can be going along on top of the world, thinking that I finally got to a GREAT place and I am REALLY going to make a difference, and BAM!  One negative thing is said and I revert right back to that negative, scared, little girl that still lives inside me.  It can be as simple as having a cranky customer at work who degrades me because THEY are having a bad day.  Or my husband complaining about having a bad day at work.   Or people around me ONLY focusing on all the bad things happening in the world.  Or a person I thought was a friend, suddenly deciding that I am only worth gossiping and talking badly about.

Last week I came across this wonderful post on Facebook by one of my favorite Personal Development authors, Brian Tracy.  It is a 30-Day Affirmation Challenge!  I will be posting the daily affirmation on my Facebook Page, Body By Brenda.  Please join me and let’s work our way to a happier life.  More fulfilled, more positive, and with a healthier and higher self-esteem.

And as always….MAKE today GREAT!!!

30-day affirmation challenge

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