Need Motivation to Move?

I know this is WAY late, but I have to share one of the most inspiring events I have ever witnessed with you all!

A few years back, when I was still a member of Biggest Loser Club Online, I met a woman named Carol.  We have some friends in common, including Greg Hottinger and Michael Sholtz who are two of the health and fitness experts on BLC, and own NOVO Wellness, AND wrote the book Coach Yourself Thin.  Like those plugs boys? LOL!

Anyway…back to my story.  Last year, we all met up in Champaign, IL for the IL Marathon weekend, and had a blast!  We were hosted by Carol, who lives there, and who has battled many illnesses in her life.  At that time, she showed us around and cheered us all on during our races from the sidelines in her power chair.  She could only walk a few feet at a time with a walker.  When her chair battery died on our way to dinner, she was determined to NOT miss it, so with some help and encouragement from our group, she made it into the restaurant with her walker.  At that dinner, she said, “If I can do that, maybe I can do more!”.  Well, that statement turned into determination!

This year, we all went back to Champaign, IL for the IL Marathon weekend, and Carol was determined to do the 5k on Friday night with us.  She had worked hard and trained all year.  She was still going to need some help, as she knew she could not do the whole thing.  YET!  But her sheer will and determination was something that I wish you could all experience.

She had her own entourage with all of us.  I and a couple of others started with the group, and then went back to meet up with them so we could all witness her cross that finish line.  With the help of her manual wheel chair, her rollator walker, a walking staff and lots of cheering, we all knew she could do it!

Here is our group picture as we waited to start:

2013 il marathon 5k start pic-2Here is Carol as she crossed the starting line with her rollator walker:

2013 carol start

There were times that she rested and Michael ran her in her wheel chair, but she walked quite a bit of it.  And THIS was the GRAND FINALE!!!!  She walked the last 50 yards to the 50 yard line at U of I Memorial Stadium to the Finish Line with just her walking staff and pure will to succeed.

2013 carol finish line

Trust me, being a hometown girl and the wonderful MC announcing it over the PA system as she crossed that finish line, there was NOT a dry eye in the house.  I am crying again now just remembering this wonderful, inspirational experience:)

But the SMILE in this picture says it ALL:

2013 carol smile pic at finish line

You CAN do so much more than you give yourself credit for.  Don’t let anyone, least of all yourself, tell you that you CAN’T do something!  It may take a little help from some friends, but get out there and DO!  Get out there and LIVE!

Carol told me that night on our way back to her house that with all that I had been through with my back, working around a spinal fusion AND overcoming a lifelong struggle with obesity to run a marathon the year before, that I had inspired HER to make the effort to try.  I was beyond touched!  Carol is now a hero of mine!  If she can go from a power chair one year, to walking nearly half of a 5k the next, what can I do?  Not sure about you all, but right now……my excuses seem a bit trivial.

Take that first step!  You don’t have to be THE best, just be YOUR BEST!  Leave nothing on the table to regret!  Get out there and LIVE!

And as always…

MAKE today GREAT!!!

Remember Me???

Hey Ya’All!

I have been a little down lately. If you follow me on Facebook, I have shared a bit of it there, but felt too ashamed to share too much about it. I feel like if I struggle, people will see me not only no longer an inspiration, but as a failure! But then someone that I admire, said to me, “Even ‘The Best of The Best’ have ‘off’ days”. I have been depressed, unmotivated, and just plain not feeling well. But last week, I took an entire week off work, and I worked on ME. Honestly, I was starting to feel that I was in a BAD downward spiral that I may not come back from. I cleared some “gunk” out from between my ears, and gave a few things that have been troubling my heart to God, and I am feeling pretty great today and ready to get back to being ME!

I know one of the things I really need to work on is Time Management. I have been burning the candle at both ends and NEVER accomplishing what I wanted to get done in a day. Then I get down on myself for not being all I feel I “should” be. So I will be working on that with my Beachbody Coach Team this month.

Also, I have an AWESOME, MOTIVATING, INSPIRING story to share, but need to sit down and concentrate long enough to actually write it. Now that my head is more clear, I am sure it will be done in the next couple days.

While I was on vacation and worked on myself, I wrote a lot in my journal, and added a BUNCH of new ideas in there that you will be seeing more of soon! Until then…

MAKE your days GREAT!!!!