It All Just Keeps Piling Up!

Well…as you probably guessed by that header, things are NOT going great right now.  My foot/heel problem IS plantar fasciitis, and I start PT in 3 hours.  I HATE that!  But at least I hope it will be all better soon now.   But it is not helping with the food issues that still keep creeping up on me when my emotions and routine get wacky!  Snacking is an issue.  I do what workouts I can, but as they say…

You CAN’T out work a BAD diet!

My rising weight right now is proof of that.  And, I realize that I have made it worse by setting a HIGHLY UNLIKELY goal for the next 4 weeks, just to then come down with the worst head cold I have had in years!

To start shifting the mood of this post to the positive, my 2013 Summer Challenge Group on Facebook is doing pretty good.  Those who are engaged and/or checking in with me, are doing AWESOME!

But I am going to say, that I think this is why people can give so much away so much info for free and still make money.  I believe it is a, “You get what you pay for!” mentality.  For some, I don’t think “FREE” and “Valuable” can be simultaneously felt about the same thing, the same way “Valuable” and “TOO EXPENSIVE” can be.  Am I making sense?  I offered my workout plans that I plan to put in my e-Books for FREE to anyone who wanted to join the Challenge.  Some hit the ground running with it, some are using them and I think starting to develop an exercise “habit” -which is VERY EXCITING for me,  and some never came back after signing up.

My Beachbody Coach Team, The Crew, has started doing an IG “Wacky Wednesday” theme pics.  We have a lot of fum doing them.  And although I am sick and my eyes are all glazed over from cold meds, I participated today in #CrewIsNotImpressed.  Because it made me think by how NOT impressed I am with the same old BS story I have been telling myself lately that is holding ME back from my goals.  It is plain and simple a WALL OF EXCUSES!  Yes, I am injured, but YES, I can workout.  And I know HOW and WHAT to eat and WHEN to eat it, but I keep letting my emotions get the best of me.  I am working on taking back my control, but it seems to be slow getting back there.

As long as I NEVER give up, I AM a SUCCESS!!!  Failure is when you stop trying!

Time for me to get ready to go see my new Physical Therapist.  Gotta get better so I can work harder! 🙂

MAKE today GREAT!!!

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