For those of you who do not follow me on Facebook, I kind of went on a rant today about excuses!  I know in this biz, you get them all day every day, but for some reason, I snapped this morning!

Excuses are just walls that one builds that actually KEEP you from the success you desire.  I know this, because I have them too!  I am SO SCARED of the next step in my life, that I am sabotaging myself!  I am frustrated with my injuries, and I am not doing all I CAN do to keep myself in shape while I heal.  Which in turn makes me feel like I am not “good enough” to help others get started on their journey to health.  Well, I KNOW in my heart that statement is simply NOT TRUE!  I want to help the WHOLE WORLD get healthy.  I just need to continue to find places to get my voice heard!

I write this blog.  I am on Facebook, Twitter, IG, Google+, etc…  And I am even a Beachbody Coach so I can help people by getting them the tools that will work for them on their health journey so they can be successful.  But I still don’t feel I am reaching near the audience I should be.

So, that leads me to my next adventures.  First, when the Body By Brenda 2013 Summer Challenge on Facebook is over, I will start working on the e-book ASAP!  Actually, I already have started, but I need to fine tune some things, get MY whole story written and proofed, add pics, and hopefully a few testimonials from the Challenge participants.

Second, I am starting a Beachbody Challenge with the new Focus T25 workout on August 5th!  If you have worked out with me, you KNOW that I love fast-paced workouts, similar to Tabata and/or Circuit Style, so I am VERY excited to try Shaun T’s latest creation!  If you would like to be a part of this challenge, FIRST you need to purchase the Challenge Pack here  T25 Challenge Pack.  NEXT, commit to 10 weeks of supporting each other on a Facebook Group through the whole program!  Then go find me on Facebook at Body By Brenda.  Like the page either way, but if you are interested in joining the Challenge, send me a message so I can get  you added to the group.  If you wish to become a Coach yourself, so you can inspire and help others to get fit and healthy, ask me how!  We would love you to be part of my coaching team, The Crew!t25pic***BTW, this program has been VERY popular since its release 3 weeks ago.  Shipping is being delayed due to the volume, so if you want to be part of this Challenge, please make sure you order ASAP!  Thanks~B3T


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