Feeding America!

Some of you will remember this, but those of you who had no idea who I was 3 years ago, the following video is from my National television debut! 🙂  LOL!  I was chosen by The Biggest Loser Club Online to be featured in one in a cross promotion for their website and the Feeding America/Biggest Loser, Pound For Pound Challenge.  They came to my small town and worked with me, our local clinic, Quincy Medical Group, JACKIE JOYNER KERSEE, and our local Salvation Army Food Bank.


It was an honor to work with Feeding America back then, and I am happy to say that I am going to get a chance to work with them again through Beachbody!

“****1 in 8 Americans are struggling with HUNGER****. This is why Team Beachbody is teaming up to help support and give back. For any of you who are out there and happen to see this post we are asking of your support and help in Feeding America!
We have a GOAL to donate ONE MILLION dollars to the “Feeding America” organization. This is how it will work. Every time one of YOU purchases Shakeology® on Home Direct or chooses a Challenge Pack we will donate ($10 for shakeology) & ($20 for a challenge pack) to help feed the hungry. Please let me know so that we can keep a running tally of donations. We BELIEVE we can make a huge impact and it’s an honor to take part in this cause.”  

You can message me individually or you can choose your challenge pack here —-> Give and Receive Beachbody Promotion

Here is a short video with more info.

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